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Safe and Secure Buyers InspectionSmart buyers opt for a home inspection, and yes, you should too!

At Safe and Secure Property Inspections, we understand how overwhelming the home buying process can be. Buying a new home or resale, it’s very important that you get a home inspection to know the condition of the home. This way, you can make an informed buying decision.

A home inspection is significant for two good reasons – to save you time and save you money. What our Buyers Inspection in Athen, GA will offer is a detailed look at the property to help you discover any issues that may exist or potential issues that could lead to big-time problems later down the road.

Here are 4 of the best reasons why you should be a smart home buyer and schedule our Athen GA Buyers Inspection now:


1.   You See Beyond The Walls

Buying a home is an exciting process for sure, especially when you see how good it looks on the outside. But, sometimes, the home inspection report will find issues that will need fixed or replaced. But remember, no matter the age of home, there will be things that the homeowner may not know about so a professional with a trained eye is exactly what you’ll need when purchasing a home.


2.   You’ll Save Way More Than What You’ll Spend For The Home Inspection

Depending on the size and age of the home, the home inspection cost will greatly vary. At the moment, it may seem like an additional expense given that it is not even required, but, for those who actually end up skipping the inspection, they realize just how much they have lost in repairs and aggravation by not having the inspection. Its a lot less expensive to secure a home inspection than to end up rewiring the entire house because you didn’t know there were electrical issues…


3.   You Can Negotiate Better

The information you obtained from the home inspection is a great advantage before making your final decision. It gives you the power to negotiate with the seller and many times, in your favor. You know, Knowledge Is Power!


4.   You Understand Both The Positives And Negatives Of The Property

The most important reason why you need a Buyer’s Inspection is the real education you can get about the property you are considering purchasing. Understanding your potential new home is crucial. Purchasing a home is not a random choice. It took you years of planning and saving for your Dream Home. Now that you finally have the chance to own one, you would want it to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


Common Problems Found During The Buyer’s Inspection

·         Structural problems such as failures in the foundation or the roof

·         Minor problems that can later lead to major defects

·         Safety hazards such as improper electrical work, plumbing issues, fire hazards, etc.

At Safe & Secure Property Inspections, our goal is to help you make an informed decision. We want you to have a clear understanding and an honest evaluation of the home. We are confident in our ability to deliver high-quality services at all times. With our continuous desire to level up our expertise and services, we make sure that we follow the highest standards and guarantee that our home inspectors in Athens GA are nothing less than professionals.

As a home buyer, it is important that you have a home properly inspected before you agree to purchase it. This home inspection process can save you quite a lot of time and money, so do not neglect this important decision. Schedule your Buyer Inspection Athens GA Today!


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