Pre Listing Inspection Safe & Secure

y investment.

Why you never waive the home inspection. Some soon to be home owners think of a home inspection as an unneeded expense. Home inspection should be valued as a much needed investment. The home purchasing process can be fun, stressful ,exciting and nerve racking all at the same time . Sometimes the home inspection can be part of the unnecessary worries that comes along with the process of buying a home.

1st reason Negotiation Tool for a home inspection is more important than you think. It gives you more power than you think. At this point it gives you the power Negotiate the terms! Not all repairs are dyer and call for you to walk away. Most sellers are in a position to negotiate and are aware of most issues in there home and prepare for this. So remember the power of the report.

2nd reason Piece of Mind. Knowing that your biggest investment has been thoroughly inspected and you have been made aware of to give you peace of mind you are making a solid decision.

3rd reason Health. While this one may not seem like a an issue you would see a home inspector for, a home can have hidden issues that can cause health issues.( MOLD , RADON ,ASBESTOSE LEAD PAINT ) These can be easily be tested for.

4th reason Safety. Can be tied in with #3. There are numerous things around a home that can cause someone serious injurie’s. ( ELECTRICAL,STRUCTUAL ECT…)

5th reason SAVES YOU MONEY!!! The Small investment in a home inspection will majorly out way the possible expenses you could endure if you waive your inspection. Move in to a home that has major issues. Structural issues alone could possibly be in 10s of thousands of dollars.

This is just scratching the surface of possibilities. Waiving a home inspection could be way more beneficial to you than taking a potential Costly mistake that could not only majorly affect your wallet but most importantly could possibly affect your families health and well being. So please make sure you do your homework and find a home inspector that will do everything to make sure you’re next investment is SAFE & SECURE!

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